10 Of The Coolest Personalised Number Plates Ever!


Great cars deserve great plates and whilst there are millions of registrations available, every now and again you see one that stands out above the rest. Below you will find 10 of our favourite private and cherished number plates. This list isn't exhaustive, and there are plenty of other cool registrations out there, but these are just some of our personal favourites!

1. F1 USH (and the rest of the Pimlico Plumbers plates)

Pimlico plumbers private number plates

It would be unfair for us to pick one plate from Charlie Mullins’ extensive collection. The entrepreneur and owner of Pimlico Plumbers , added private plates to all of his vans as a way to market his business, and it’s been a great investment as it certainly gets people talking about the brand. In addition to the four fantastic plates pictured they also have DRA 1N, 701LET, LAV 1, W4 TER, and BOG 1!

2. F1

F1 personal registration plate

Because F1 racing is a major event, and because 2 digit plates don’t come on the market all too often, the plate F1 is highly desirable. Currently, the owner of this cherished plate is Afzal Kahn, of Khan Design  . The car currently wearing the F1 number plate is a Bugatti Veyron. Although not a typical F1 car, the Veyron is one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world so it does appear that the reg has a suitable placement, at least for now.

3. R4 LPH

Ralph cherished number plate

For the person who has it all and just happens to be named Ralph. This reg was for sale from Michael Ralph on our site for £50,000. He’s now taken it off so we’re not sure if he’s still selling it, but with Ralph being both a popular first name and surname, if you’re after this plate it might be worth trying to track him down!

4. ET11 HAD

ET11 HAD reg plate in the news

You’ve seen it on a shirt, you’ve seen it on a stadium and you’ve even seen it on the most luxurious airplanes in the world, but now you can have it on your car! For a few thousand pounds you could have put football legend Etihad on the front of your car for all to see. This plate recently made the news, and also sold on our site!

5. NO 5

NO 5 private no plate

What better plate to put at number 5 in our roundup than NO 5. As you can see, this plate Chanel’s van, and is probably one of the most fitting number plates ever!

6. MAG 1C

Paul Daniels' MAG 1C license plate

Paul Daniels kept this license plate for number of years and why shouldn’t he. He was known as one of the top magicians in the trade and the plate rested comfortably on his Ferrari. However, for £150,000 he was willing to sell it to you. We’re not sure whether or not his family are still willing too but if you’re interested it might be worth getting in touch!

7. CEO 1

CEO 1 cherished registration plate

At £154,100 this plate set a new record  as the highest selling plate on eBay back in 2007 when it was sold by retired bank manager Derek Clements. CEO, which stands for Chief Executive Officer, is a title given to the head of a company. Although you may not be a CEO yet, buy this plate and no one will ever know. For the right price, anyone can be a CEO.

8. VIP 1

VIP 1 private reg number

Do you feel like you are a celebrity? Do you want the world to know it? Then the VIP 1 plate is for you. You will have to purchase this very important plate from Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich . This was purchased for £285,000 and was on the pope mobile when Pope John Paul II visited Ireland.

9. K1 NGS

K1 NGS number plate

You may not be royalty but place this registration on your car and you’ll look like it! The downside is that an anonymous person purchased this plate back in 1993 for £231,000. If you wanted to buy it you’d have to hire a private investigator to find the owner and have deep pockets to pay him or her, as inflation will have skyrocketed the price of this since 1993.

10. 1 SLR

1 SLR personalised reg


Last but definitely not least is 1 SLR. Very much a desired registration, 1 SLR looks perfectly at home on a Mercedes SLR.


These are just some of the coolest personalised plate number plates ever, however there are many more, and with DVLA auctions bringing some exclusive plates onto the market, the top 10 is bound to change. However, plates like F1, MAG 1C, CEO 1, and VIP 1 will always be in demand and will probably always be in our top 10.

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